Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 has started!!!

Okay everyone, The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 has started!!! Well, it actually started March 7th and it will continue on through March 14th~so hurry on over and check it out. Just think of it as making a Grand Appearance~Better Late Than Never. I know you are anxious to go over and check it out...okay, go ahead. Make sure to visit their prize page and Have Fun!!!

For those of you that want to hear a little bit more, from what I hear and have been reading, The Ultimate Blog Party is "THE" place to be. Last year they had over 1,000 mom bloggers partying together all over the world. For those of you that blog, this party offers a great opportunity to introduce you and your blog to a bunch of new people. For all of you who love reading other's blogs, this will give you an opportunity to find new and exciting blogs to add to your read list. There really is something for everyone. Hope to see you at the party!

Some of my friends are coming over tomorrow for lunch. I am going to take them on a virtual tour and visit some of the great blogs out there partying. There are so many great blog-sites, and having the opportunity to view so many together in one place and party together is wonderful. Maybe I should tell my friends to bring their own laptops...Oh, I don't mind sharing. Well, have fun,I know we will. I hope you meet many new friends!!! Hmmm....now to plan what to serve for lunch tomorrow???


Wendy said...

I came in late, too, but at least we got in before the doors closed. :grin: Happy partying!

Anonymous said...

I hope you will visit me at The Chocolistas...the blog my sister-in-law and I keep...she's in Michigan and I'm in Australia. We blog about all things CHOCOLATE here:

I'm originally from Michigan. How did I end up in Australia? Last March I married an Aussie! He's a WONDERFUL man! I keep in touch with family and friends in America through my blog A Cup of Joy. If your interested in what life is like for an American in Australia stop by for a visit:

I'm a busy lady. I have three blogs! My third blog is Comfort Joy Designs where I post my challenges as a Daring Baker and display my handmade items. I love to sew and quilt and knit. My latest kick has been handmade pocket place mats. Have a look here:

Have a Happy Day!

Nancy said...

I came from the ultimate blog party - although I'm a bit late! LOL!

Just thought I'd say HI while I'm here. Have a great day!