Thursday, March 27, 2008

170 Years of Unbridled Passion~The Women of The Victorian Heart Shoppe

Photo and article can be viewed in full at Victoriana On-line Magazine

The Victorian Heart Shoppe is a virtual town square that offers a number of on line stores, including one dear to me, Merry Treasure Shopper ~ my little on-line busines.

This wonderful on-line Victorian Town Square has been featured in an article that has been published in Victoriana Magazine's March issue. Many congratulations to the creators of The Victorian Heart Shoppe, the lovely Victoria Laurian Otto and her technical savy husband Jeff, for envisioning and creating such a lovely place to set up business! I am a new member that has only joined just over a month ago and I guess my timing was perfect. I am thrilled to know that their dedication to their business, advertisers and customers will bring new opportunities for everyone. I hope you can take a few moments and visit this lovely on-line virtual town square and see what treasures await you!

PS ~ Please visit me on Fifth Avenue and enjoy!


Victoria Otto said...

You are too sweet, we are blushing!

Elena said...

You have a lovely web site with a gorgeous mix of products. All the best with your business.
Ciao, Elena :)