Sunday, April 13, 2008

Merry Treasure Shopper is proud to be a Girl Shop Spot (GSS) Bio Story Winner

I am proud to announce that my on-line retail store, Merry Treasure Shopper, has been chosen to receive an award from Girl Shop Spot. We are proud to have been chose as a GSS Bio Story Winner!

Girl Shop Spot, GSS is a shopping resource for today's modern woman. Joining this group has been fantastic for promoting my on-line retail store and since joining I have immediately seen higher traffic and higher search engine placement. I have contacted one of the founders Christine Van Buskirk and asked her to share a bit about GSS and this is a message from her to you.

A Note From the Founder of Girl Shop Spot (GSS)
"My name is Christine Van Buskirk and I just wanted to give you a quick note to let you know how much I admire your business and your ambition in making it a success. I know how trying and hard it can be at times. I want to introduce you to a new online advertising business that you may be interested in learning more about. It can help you gain market share, online visibility, sales increase, and exposure. is a web site that advertises unique home decor, specialty shops, fashion, boutiques, parties, cafes and services women love for small business owners and entrepreneurs alike. I felt a need, for both the cyber world of commerce and brick and mortar shops, to create a site where merchants and entrepreneurs could advertise and be found by their customers and peers seeking them. Because the online media channel is such a vital role in small business success, my goal is to help cottage businesses catering to women become smarter companies by providing them the information and tools to promote offline sales, as well as online, creating smoother commerce solutions. I hope you find the site helpful, unique, supportive, and fun. Thanks for visiting us."

Thank you Christine and Jim Van Buskirk for having the vision, creative talent, marketing and technical skills to develop this wonderful and unique specialized search engine for today's modern woman! It is easy to see why GSS has been labeled, " A Girls Favorite Site".

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Luv2knit said...

Hi I'm from MUIB. Congratulations on your award. That's great! Lisa :)